Herniss Business Park
TR10 9BZ

Phone: 01209 861508
Prices: This storage location gives prices on its website.

Discussion about Low Cost Self Storage - Penryn

  1. Trisha says:

    Found first verbal contact polite and as the chap was on the way to the office, I was answered by email a short time afterwards. All good so far,

  2. Jan Rathbone says:

    I phoned today and spoke to a very helpful and polite man, in the conversation it became apparent that I was speaking to the owner. He gave advice on sizes and availability that I know will be helpful to my Son and his student friends who have been mature enough to try and find affordable, secure storage over the summer for their personal belongings. I hope there is space available as this will be the first place I'll call thanks to first impressions of this helpful owner and the very professional website. I've also just found I can score from 1 to 5 star if I choose. It was by chance I came across this review blog and I got the complete reverse impression than the previous reviewer and felt it fair to the owner to say so on here.

  3. Unhappy Employee says:

    Thank you for your comment Sally. I explained to you on the phone that I was not in the office at the time and that we did not have the size you mentioned. You mentioned a container size in meteres & feet and I explained that I was not aware of that size. You then proceeded to complain that I should know the sizes off by heart on our website. I apologised and explained that I had nothing to do with the design of the said site. Which again you wound not accept. I am somewhat upset with the comment you have made about this business, having not used our service.

  4. Sally granger says:

    I have just telephoned this company to enquire about prices, the person I spoke to did not know what was on their own website, and proceeded to be really quite rude to me when I expressed surprise at this. I have never written on a review blog but this treatment has compelled me to warn others off this company. The star rating is inaccurate as it would not let me post unless it was rated this way.

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