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Discussion about Cre8 Self Storage - Cricklewood

  1. Shane says:

    The storage is supposed to be nice however most of the time we use the stairs to move our things as the car lift doesn't work. Or if it works, it's just complicated to maneuver with two double heavy doors to pull (Close) and push (Open) before going in and out. There's no accessible lift for people that's easier to use.

    The new reception girl is not also helpful to offer a hand. She knew I can not lift some of my items as Im aging but instead advised I can take to my unit piece by piece. Im not expecting her to carry all my items but would be happier if she asked if I was okay. She seems to be very comfortable sitting all day.

    In the evening this guy named Rony came. He was helpful when I first moved in but sometime in the middle he started asking for money every time I asked him for single items to lift. That evening when I asked him again, he said yes he will help with no money involved but my item was left in the reception for like 4 days. Why does he agree if he can not do the job? He's not a man at all, not a man of his word. Is it my fault that there's no accessible lift for elderly's or for individuals who can hardly pull or push the car lift?

    All i can say is I have a very bad experience dealing with these people and the building itself with rats and cockroaches, and wet floor on the 1st floor. Im now comfortable here at the Staples Corner where you can deal with warm and helpful people.

  2. ANDREA says:

    I am very worried but will not make much of a comment at this point, I am still waiting for my shipment and will let you know after i get them if I do.

    I hope and pray I will come back with good reviews.

  3. simon d says:

    The Biggest CON artists in the business. I received the poorest service in the world, I am speechless as to how much money was conned out of me.

    I paid for everything In advance UP FRONT. The container got to Israel and early, It was sent early without my permission. We didnt put everything we want to in it, there was plenty of roon left and the container was sent without our permission.

    After paying 5,656.11 in cash up front I was then charged another $5,354.13 when getting to israel.


    I can go on and there are much worse horror stories these guys were responsible for but I hope this littel tidbit would help you NOT TO GET CONNED by Jason Mencer Of Cre8te Self Storage as well.

    Simon d

  4. Vikki Curry says:

    I was asked to write about my experience with Cre8 Removals.
    They fulfilled all my requirements and more at a cheaper price then any of the other quotes i received. Harry was particularly helpful. The removal men themselves arrived on time and were very courteous and pleasant. I would certainly recommend them to others and in fact have done to my sister who is moving in 4 months.

  5. Jill Stead says:

    These guys were brilliant especially Gaby and John. They did everything we asked even though it was getting dark and always with a smile on their face. Thank you guys I will certainly use you again.

  6. Naila says:

    Bunch of crooks. Kept my husbands deposit with a bunch of lies. Dont store at Cre8 in Cricklewood unless you want to be ripped off!

  7. Paulo Sebastiao says:

    Poor services, very high prices and they dont pay your deposit, I will never go to this company again, one word for it, cheaters

  8. PRBCS says:

    Poor service, long time for delivery, very high prices and long time to give back your deposit, definitely not the best company to go.

  9. Peter Lewis says:

    The best storage centre I have ever used. The removal staff as well were very helpfull and extremly courteous. Thank you. Thats was a great house move.

  10. Carmel Bourke says:

    This company is to be avoided, they are time wasters. In summary, here's what happened. They were suppose to show up at 0900hrs, they finally showed up at 1030hrs which was too late as the storage facility closed at 1130hrs on Sunday and this did not allow enough time to empty my unit, a fact they were made aware of at the time of booking. They showed up with a small transit van when I had made it quite clear how much needed to be moved, also there were only 2 men instead of three that were booked. My belief is this is their way of charging more for the job. I called and wrote to the person who I arranged the move with, but heard nothing back, I also wrote to owner, Jason Mencer, who said he would look into but didn't. Be warned, these people have no regard for your precious time or resources!

  11. james jonson says:

    Re JoeSchmo,

    The only reason a customer would not get back his deposit is if

    (a) he caused damage due to a complete disregard for other peoples property.


    (b) because he did not give 14 days notice , which is clearly stated on the paperwork,

    If niether of these apply please come in to the shop and I will rectify the situation .

  12. joeschmo says:

    I have also not received my deposit back. They are always very friendly and helpful, and I had no complaints.... until I was no longer a client and asked for my deposit back.

  13. John Reeve says:

    Always helpful and willing to go beyond the call with helping us with our items and furniture we put into the storage unit. Great manager Harry. Thank you

  14. Kevin Clifford says:

    Great place, wouldn't go anywhere else!

    Kevin Clifford

  15. Mangal says:

    Jason is personally very good person, but unfortunately I dont know where the things went wrong, since I lost my storage keys one time, but he hold for me for 2 weeks.
    I am still waiting to get my deposit back, I dont know the real story about it, but if I am the only one to refuse to pay for the damages then, they should have contact me by phone, email, or post... But when ever I tried to reach to him on phone, i never get him, he promised 3 times my younger brother, he had already refunded the money but It always failed to reach to me.
    I dont think this is the right way

  16. mike says:

    helpfull staff always clean and warm inside . the big tall units work out much better value than other storage places . nice boxes too perfect for ebaying

  17. Sharon Taylor says:

    I was asked to write about my personal experiance with Cre8 Selfstorage after having stored there for 6 months. I found them delightful, proffesional and full of great advice. They helped me unload, gave me a excellent rate after i had checked around and were ther for me during the whole stressful move. Thank You Cre8 selfstorage, i will use you again.

  18. Jason Mencer says:

    We have many happy customers who talk very highly of our service. Unfortunatly Mr Malik showed no respect to other users or the storage centre. He trashed the corridoor and doors from his unit to the loading bay with his trolly and as a result we were reluctantly forced to use his deposit to contribute towards the damage he caused. Mr Malik was and still remains to be the only customer whose deposit we have ever had to use to repair damage.Other storage operators beware!!

  19. abdul says:

    The management is poor, they asked me for one month deposit and later they didnt refund it back to the customers.
    They behaved like cheaters and they didnt respect the customer rights.
    I will never ever get any storage from this rubish cricklewood storage.

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