Unit 6, Charlton Gate Business Park
Anchor & Hope Lane

Phone: 02082 934 747
Prices: This storage location does not give prices on its website.

Discussion about Safestore - Charlton

  1. aaron chukwuma says:

    Great customers service. i will recommend for any one who needs this service to use safestore charlton

  2. Jim Martin says:

    The theft of valuable possessions by Safestore London:

    Recently a friend of mine was working in Congo on a humanitarian project. It had been explained to the store that he was unable to make payment until my return to the UK due to my accounts being frozen due to his financial information being hacked into while I was on location. Nevertheless company took it upon itself to sell all of his worldly possessions which had been amassed over many years. These included an extensive collection of valuable art, antiques and furniture etc The total value of these items ran into hundreds of thousands of pounds. He had also offered that the store manager examine in his absence the content and take one or two items as collateral which would have more than covered any debt.

    The store claims to have sold the entire contents for just over £2000 which leads one to the conclusion that these goods have been purposely been sold for a tiny fraction of there worth in collusion with the company and a third party. The company failed to provide an inventory of the goods removed from the unit, to whom they where given to, the individual sale prices of any of the items and any form of breakdown.

    My friend contacted the company for a full explanation of your actions only to be given a series of completely contradictory explanations and excuses and a virtual demand that he accept their findings.

    A police report has been made implicating your company in the theft of his possessions, a further report is to be made with further findings uncovered by two investigative journalists.

    The directors of this company are:

    Richard Grainger, Non-Executive Chairman
    Peter Gowers, Chief Executive Officer
    Richard Hodsden, Chief Financial Officer
    Frederic Vecchioli, President, UPP
    Adrian Martin, Senior Independent Director
    Alan Lewis, Non-Executive Director
    Keith Edelman, Non-Executive Director

    We would strongly recommend that anyone storing goods of any value read this before doing so.

  3. nanda says:

    small storage spaces which worked out okay for me

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