ITV launches “Storage Hoarders”

By Antony on December 11th, 2012 | 4 Comments

ITV launches “Storage Hoarders”

ITV has recently launched “Storage Hoarders,” a new documentary-style TV show which takes the viewer inside some of the UK’s most cluttered self storage units.

Presented by Aggie MacKenzie, best known for her role as a presenter on “How clean is your house?”, the series will “expose the recent rise in demand for storage units and shine a light on couples whose relationships are suffering because they have too many possessions. In each episode they’ll be challenged to sort through their stuff, say goodbye to the things with no value and turn their forgotten collectibles into hard cash,” according to the website of its producer, Twofour Productions.

ITV clearly has high hopes for the series, as an ambitious initial run of twenty one-hour episodes has been ordered so far.

The show was scheduled to broadcast its first episode at 2pm on Monday 10 December, followed by subsequent episodes at the same time every weekday, with a break for the festive period between December 21 and January 17 next year.

You can see the first episode on ITV player now by following this link.

The decision to air this TV programme marks another step in the impressive growth of media awareness surrounding hoarding and self storage, following on from previous series with a similar theme such as “My Hoarder Mum And Me”, “Britain’s Biggest Hoarder”, “Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder”, and “The Hoarder Next Door”.

Keep an eye out for this new show; we’ll post a review blog about it soon!

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4 Responses to “ITV launches “Storage Hoarders””

  1. Wayne says:

    This is a great way to understand the effects of clutter in our lives, and how Self Storage can assist in the process

  2. I think this show will definitely get high ratings because viewers are always interested in watching real-life drama on TV, especially if the issue can be applied to their own life. I think the increasing demand of storage units is not only an issue in the UKs but all across the globe. People are getting more and more attached to their possessions and are not willing to part with them even if the items have not been used for so long. This show will definitely shed some light to the people that they need to seriously sit down and make a clear disposition whether or not they need their stuff, and get rid of those unnecessary items once and for all. This is for their own good and can avoid unnecessary family feud.

  3. gill mahoney says:

    I do ( granted) watch storage hoarders,mostly to see what weird and wonderful things people are going to come up with.
    But, to my horror people are having their things valued at well under market price. For instance a 17th century oak settle –150£ are you joking? more like 800£ what is going on? I have bought sought, sold things less good that that if old for six times that price per item. The same is true of many of the items. What are they being talked down, is it all going to charity or something?

  4. Scott Evans says:

    Are pink self storage going to be on this show. i love watching the US show i have a unit at pontypridd and would love to see this site on the show.

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