Clutter Survey results performed a survey of the general public to find out about their attitudes towards clutter. These were the results:

-  60% of people asked said their home is cluttered.

-  79% of people said spending time in a less cluttered environment would affect them positively.

-  40% said disputes over clutter had negatively affected a relationship at some point in their lives, compared to 50% for whom it hadn’t and 10% who were unsure.

-  44% of people said their wife was the biggest contributor to clutter in their current relationship; 26% said it was their husband, and another 26% said it was their kids.

-  44% of people said when they buy a new object for their home, they don’t dispose of the older one it’s meant to replace; the same number said they do the opposite.

-  38% of people had stored things outside their home for a significant period of time.

Results obtained by surveying 100 members of the general public. Many thanks to those who took part.