Hi there - sorry to use this form but your email bounces. Sorry for the direct approach also here but please do take this message seriously - I'm aware that there a lot of unsolicited and non-serious acquisition email spam around. This is NOT one of them:)

In short I'd like to ask; Would you be interested in discussing selling your site?

As a little background Comparitech / Decision Internet Group operates a portfolio of digital assets such as and is actively looking to acquire high quality sites such as yours. I'm part of it but have also sold a couple of companies myself, so know how it feels to sell your pride and joy!

We’re cash buyer, have completed multiple acquisitions and are in a position to make attractive offers

I'm available for a call if you would like to see if there is a fit or just get a bit more information.

Many thank and please excuse the forwardness - I know it can be a bit awkward to get an introductory email like this! (hence why I'm sending from my personal email address also).



Phone: 07545909631
Website: http://N/A
Prices: This storage location does not give prices on its website.

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