What is self storage?

Self Storage Couple Unloading

Not enough space? Self storage is the answer!

Self storage is do-it-yourself storage. Once you’ve hired your storage space from a self storage company, you are free to use it more or less as you choose. This means you can transport your possessions to and from the storage space (called a “unit”) whenever you please, and keep them there as long as you need to. All good self storage facilities will be secure, easily accessible, clean and dry, and operated with user-friendly professionalism.

As there are now well over 1000 self storage facilities in the UK, there is likely to be one near you. You won’t be alone! With more than 235,000 customers, using around 26 million square feet of rentable space, and generating annual revenues of £360 million, the self storage industry is big — and getting bigger!