1264-1266 London Road
SW16 4EJ

Phone: 02086 838 900
Prices: This storage location does not give prices on its website.

Discussion about Shurgard Self Storage - Norbury

  1. Vivienne Chambers Brown says:

    Michael at Norbury, excellent service! Thank you!

  2. James says:

    If you've recently purchased a blood pressure monitor and are doubting the accuracy of the readings, pay this shower a heap of cash each month for 24 hour access and then try to access your stuff - guaranteed to make your blood boil, so if your newly-bought blood pressure monitor explodes then it was working...

    Honestly, the staff in the store are friendly and helpful, but the second they go home the entire place gets handed over to a team of rude and unhelpful people in Brussels. Arrange for 24 hour access through the store team (providing multiple forms of ID and your inside leg measurement), arrive expecting this to work, find that it doesn't, call the 24 hour "helpline" or press the 24 hour intercom to be connected to a man who tells you he is based in Belgium and couldn't help you even if he wanted to (which he doesn't). Go in to the store the following day to complain and be told that lots of people have had similar problems and that there are so many complaints they don't think it's worth making another one. Be reassured that this won't happen again. Come back a few days later out of normal hours and find that, ta da, nothing's changed (apart from the man in Belgium may have just completed his "how to excel at rubbish customer service" training course and reached a whole new depth of unhelpfulness).

    If you do wish to access your belongings 24 hours a day then you may wish to search for "Watchdog" plus "Shurgard" to see the film about how easy it was to break in to their units, and how little they did to stop anyone stealing all the stuff (probably that man in Belgium watching the CCTV and laughing) - this may give you some tips about how to get in, as the official 24 hour access system really doesn't seem to work.

    [For the avoidance of doubt I am referencing the Watchdog documentary ironically, I am not advocating any criminal activity in order to access your belongings that you thought you were paying to be able to access.]

    In short, if you only need to get your things in normal office hours then go ahead - the store team are helpful, friendly and go out of their way to sort things out. If, however, there is any chance you will need to get your things when they've gone home then you might be better off putting your things in a hole and filling said hole with cement - at least then you know that you'll never see your things again and won't have the dashed expectations that caused your blood pressure monitor to explode at the start of this review.


    Hello about the 20th of April i payed £85. And some pence over the phone for another monthI have not recived confurmation of my payment. My customers no; 61326. Invoice no... 2120203650...invoice date...16/04/2012. Can u please contact me by email.and send me confurmation of the payment yours kind regards.Ms Beverley McCartney

  4. eljouti says:

    looking for cube to store my boxes
    from 3.4.12

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