Unit 12 Bevan Court
Finedon Road Industrial Estate

Phone: 01933 222063
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Discussion about Self Store Centres - Wellingborough

  1. James Donald says:

    Hi, I must say that as an owner of a prestige vehicle sales forecourt I have always had excellent service from this storage facility.I store car parts and need them to be accessible and safe as most of the parts are very rare and expensive. They are very competitive and have always been excellent value. I have used many other storage companies in the past but have never found one that I could recommend as much as the Wellingborough Self Store Centre.
    Thanks Guys
    James Donald

  2. Ann B says:

    Excellent, friendly and very efficient staff. I felt that I had to respond to the previous post as my personal experience of this facility is nothing like the one previously described. My husband needed to store some very awkward and heavy items that were taking up most of our garage space and the guy there, I think his name was John, was most helpful and even helped to unload our huge plasma tv from our van, although we know that it wasn't his job. In fact nothing was too much trouble and I would definately rate this Storage Centre with 5 stars. Hopefully a few other customers will now add their comments as I do think the previous one was very unfair as in the two years that we have now been storing at this facility we have always had the very best of service. Just to add that this is also the cleanest and cheapest storage centre for many miles around.
    Ann B

  3. John says:

    I as the owner of the above business, was absolutely gutted about the vile service this customer received. This has never happened before and will never happen again. As a family run business we bend over backwards to provide a friendly and courteous service. It goes without saying that the manager concerned is no longer with us, and I apologise to past and present customers. I look forward to seeing you all, please do call in for a chat and a coffee.

  4. Astonished by extraordinarily vile "service" says:

    I have only rated this facility with one star becasue the system does not allow me to give a zero or negative rating.
    I used this facility 3 years ago and found it to be adequate. The chap running it is a miserable bleeder though - constantly moaning about his boss always being away on his yacht. I went in there again today to make enquiries about any new charges as I am soon to be in need of a self storage facility again. From the first contact with the (same) man, I was treated with contempt and aggression. He showed no interest whatever in having anything like a conversation with me about my requirements, beyond telling me that nobody knew what they wanted, that he didn't know the dimensions of the units other than what was written down by his boss (apparently "not my job"), and becasme even more aggressive when I questioned the fact that the unit he showed me was plainly not of the dimensions indicated on the sheet supplied. I maintained a friendly dispostition throughout, but when it became too much to bear I said "Not to worry; I'll find something else thanks", whereupon he told me to "Fuck off!"
    I shall be contacting the head office in Peterboro and advising them that they may want to do some Mystery Shopper research on him if they want their business to continue operating. Oh... 3 years on from my last contact, and it only took him half a minute to get the dig in about his boss away on his yacht again. This man must be very unhappy about something. For my part, I initially came away from the experience feeling abused. Subsequently realized how much happier a person I am than him and am looking for an alternative with a more professional outfit.

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