Rent more office space than you need, or use short-term storage?

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Rent more office space than you need, or use short-term storage?

In the current economic climate, the issue of storage space has become more pertinent for many start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. Cathie Sellars, Marketing Manager at, discusses the issue and offers a new alternative for growing organisations.

The risk of overstretching yourselves as a business has never been greater, and consequently business owners are becoming more wary about selecting their business premises.

As businesses grow, the need for more office space to let becomes ever more apparent. The need to store more equipment and house more staff, materials, furniture,and more, means that new premises are a necessity – or are they?

Expansion v self storage

Do you choose to acquire a commercial property with more initial space than you need, allowing you to expand without moving, or is there another, cheaper solution?

Hiring short-term self storage may prove the ideal answer for SMEs requiring extra space that are unwilling to take the risk of buying or renting larger premises. By contrast, hiring a self storage unit is largely risk-free as businesses can choose to hire it for as long as they need to.

In essence, short-term storage can be used as an extension to any office space. Businesses can store sensitive documentation and information that needs to be retained for a set period, in line with modern-day regulations.

Office space costs SMEs money. Many small businesses are beginning to acknowledge that the cost per square foot of filling space in their office is far greater than a storage unit’s. Floor space can therefore be expanded simply by moving archived documentation to a storage unit, giving businesses more room to play with to guarantee a greater return from their current premises.

Self storage options also offer good protection to businesses, with security against theft, fire and damage. In fact some business start-ups enjoy a greater level of cover than if they had moved everything into their own garage or simply a chest of drawers in a study!

Cost effective

Put simply, self storage solutions are very affordable and very flexible, with no long-term contracts to tie start-ups and SMEs down. These agreements are also scalable with the potential to add extra units or opt for a larger-size unit further down the line.

As a short- or intermediate-term storage solution, storage space to rent can help give businesses the extra space they need without having to move premises.

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  1. It is more profitable for us and i think if you can rent more office space greater than the space you have it will more profitable for you.

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