Climate Controlled Storage on the rise in Sussex…

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Climate Controlled Storage on the rise in Sussex…

Cube Storage in Uckfield, East Sussex, have noticed an increase in demand for Climate Controlled storage – with the market conditions remaining precarious, the need to protect the integrity of your investments has become a high priority when seeking storage for valuable items.

What is climate controlled storage? How is it different to standard storage?

Climate controlled storage rooms keep a controlled temperature that is subject to less than a  1°C change. These rooms are commonly used in museums and other places where delicate goods need an ensured and constant temperature and have to be kept away from heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity.

Climate controlled storage rooms also have air filters, guaranteeing no dust, which monitors air pressure and ensures integrity of the air source and no nasty surprises. This technology, developed by experts such as GEA, has been tested in rigorous laboratory conditions and so is proven at the highest level.

Standard units often fluctuate in temperature and do not provide the specialist environment that some precious items require.

So why do people use climate controlled storage?

We live in a temperate climate in the UK. We suffer wet and coldish winters and reasonably dry and quite warm summers. However, such weather is not ideal for some items. There is no questioning that the British climate has a tendency towards dampness, and this can lead to problems for everything from houses, to destruction for some more precious items.

People are therefore increasingly using climate controlled storage for the protection of their items and for peace of mind. They are becoming more aware that specialist items such as designer clothes, wine collections and fine art need to be stored in a specialist environment for maximum protection. Another market that climate controlled storage caters for successfully is the technology market, as it prevents heat-related malfunctions to important and sensitive technology.

One of Cube’s most recent customers has opted for a climate controlled storage facility to store her fur clothing collection, as fur is particularly prone to mildew and damp.

How do I choose a climate controlled storage facility?

There are several factors to consider when choosing suitable storage for precious items, such as:

— What is the nature of the items that need to be stored?

  • Wines need to maintained at a constant temperature in a dry and moisture free environment. Dust can damage sensitive technology. Mildew will cause documents and paintings to deteriorate and clothing to rot.

— Are the facilities fully climate controlled, or are they only temperature controlled?

  • Moisture and dust will not be managed by a system that takes only the temperature of the room into account.

You should also ask whether there are effective security controls in place to ensure that no one can access your stored items  – keypad access and security cameras are essential security fundamentals.

Who can I ask for advice?

Cube Storage can cater for everyone with their purpose-built standard and climate controlled self-storage facilities in the heart of Sussex.  Their parent company, Edward Baden are removal and relocation experts, managing local internal moves, right through to international relocations. So if you need a hand moving into store, they can certainly help.  They are easily accessible to all in Sussex, located just off the A22 in Uckfield.

You can now rent Cube’s climate controlled facilities for 12 weeks at the price of 6 weeks!

Click here to visit Cube’s website. You can also find them on twitter and facebook or call 0800 027 2668.

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2 Responses to “Climate Controlled Storage on the rise in Sussex…”

  1. Tim says:

    This is such a great idea, I know this company very well and they always seem to come up with great ideas to get the best out of their business. My company do storage in the Bath area and we have had minor problems with our items (some with great value) on a number of occasions, especially on warmer days. I really think we should put this idea into perspective, not just for us but mainly for our customers and their valuables.

    Great Read !!

  2. It’s a splendid thing that you are tackling climate concerns on this article. If there is one thing that is oftentimes neglected or overlooked by customers, it’s the climate and how it can potentially damage the things they have kept in storage.

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