a new solution to self storage needs

By admin on March 12th, 2013 | 5 Comments a new solution to self storage needs

AnyStorage, a recent start-up in the storage industry, has suggested that there is a lot of wasted space in storage facilities that could be used better, and they have a great idea to match that space with customers.

The plan is that storage centres who have spare space will offer this online through the website, but that once a storage user has signed up, AnyStorage will step out and the storer will be dealing 100% with the storage company direct. The customer will pay 9.5% plus VAT to AnyStorage for the first confirmed booking, with the remainder going to the storage supplier. There are no subscription fees or hassle for the storage providers.

From Anyvan to AnyStorage

The company is run by Angus Elphinstone and Sukh Sadhra, who are experienced online entrepreneurs. Angus has built up Anyvan, which does a lot of business matching people who need removal services with drivers of vans and lorries that would otherwise be running empty, typically using return journeys – again a business making more of wasted capacity.

One aspect of the website is that bidders need to quote a price and some operators may fear that this will drive down prices, but it also makes it possible for micro operators to get customers – people who may have only a few storage spaces in total. Last year alone, Anyvan had 12,000 customers coming in or out of storage! Too many to lose…

Sign up for free

The signing-up process is free and, as Angus Elphinstone says, “It’s hard to see why storage companies wouldn’t want to use our website to fill otherwise empty spaces.” The challenge for storage companies has always been to get customers to sign up: once they are in, then inertia usually kicks in and people stay much longer than they first envisaged.

In terms of total charges, on average a storage user is likely to spend about £1,000, so this proposition helps storage operators with the first and key issue – getting users to sign up. From the user’s point of view, it helps with finding cheaper and local storage space in the first place.

Based in Hammersmith, West London, this new enterprise looks as if it brings something innovative and potentially very useful to the self storage industry.

If you would like to get in touch with Sukh or Angus, you can reach them in the office on 0203 6750 750.

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5 Responses to “ a new solution to self storage needs”

  1. With self storage, you can access your belongings practically anytime you desire without the need to adhere to normal office hours.

  2. This is a great idea, and I heard that it is being replicated in Sydney, servicing those smaller storage entrepreneurs. It is low in cost for the storage operator, and the buyer of storage space needs. I have asked around among my friends who have used the service, and so far, they have been very lucky to find storage space readily available at low cost. I have also heard that another start up company is replicating a storage service that will only charge according to the number of boxes. These are great ideas and I would not be worried about the overall storage situation as it serves a very niche group of individuals who just required storing boxes only rather than renting the entire storage space, which may result into a waste of space.

  3. Angela Rynne says:

    You guys rock!!

    I love this idea and not only that, will be using and recommending also. I have a few moves I need to see this year and storage will be required so you guys will be consulted!!

    Love the photo guys!

  4. Saj says:

    Its cheaper than normal storage, and getting to your items is even better and easy.

  5. Jo donachie says:

    I need to store an upright piano for a year. Any suggestions, price?

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