Why self storage is important for home organization

By Matthew Zajechowski on August 22nd, 2013 | 2 Comments

Why self storage is important for home organization

Next Door Self Storage shares some tips and advice on why self storage is important for home organization both in the US and UK.

As homeowners continue to accumulate more and more items that they simply cannot live without, available space in the home dwindles. Some items, of course, are used on a daily basis, but if you find yourself struggling to keep your home organized, or are feeling the squeeze of limited space, moving unused items to a self storage unit may be the answer. Unless you are a potential contestant for “Storage Hoarders”, self storage can simplify your life and streamline your home.

Self storage in the U.S. has taken the nation by storm, with nearly 11 million Americans storing their surplus belongings in secured self storage units, according to the US Self Storage Association (SSA). The trend has now spread to the UK, offering homeowners and apartment dwellers an affordable alternative for storing their belongings. As you would expect, security is paramount; self storage firms have to provide a secure environment, which often includes CCTV cameras and fingerprint scanners for access, while the customer normally provides his own lock and has to purchase insurance.

What can I store in a self storage unit?

According to the UK Self Storage Association (SSAUK), some items are prohibited in self storage facilities in the UK, such as firearms, explosives, anything illegal and anything considered a health or safety risk to the public. However, most ordinary household items can be placed in self storage for safe keeping (including furniture, books, electrical devices etc.). There are often restrictions on anything which is likely to perish, as this can pose a health hazard.

Why store belongings in self storage?

The primary reasons for placing items in self storage is moving from one home to another, undertaking home renovations or simply not having enough room in your current living situation to store all your belongings. However, home organization should not be overlooked. Placing seasonal or seldom used items in a self storage unit frees up room for living and allows you to organize your home for your convenience without tripping over boxes filled with stuff you are unlikely to use any time soon.  As self storage units can be rented for periods ranging from as little as a single week to several years, it provides the perfect alternative when you reorganize your home and need to get some items out of your way.

How does self storage help with home organization?

For starters, it gives you the freedom to move items at will without worries about where you will store them. Because many self storage facilities are open 24/7, you are free to come and go as you wish, taking items in and out as the need arises. This allows you to organize your living space according to the seasons, keeping only those items you will be using regularly at home.

Self storage also allows you to store items that simply do not fit into your current living space, leaving more room for your family to live and play in comfort. With excess belongings out of the way, you can use the available room in your home for activities you enjoy without worrying about taking up valuable storage space. Unused rooms, attics and basements can be transformed into that guest room that you always wanted or a studio for your artistic pursuits without overcrowding your home.

Simplifying your life, by storing excess furniture or appliances, streamlines your home and makes the job of keeping it clean and tidy easier. Of course, you may not be ready to part with your belongings for good, which makes self storage the perfect solution. It gives you time to decide whether to pass items on to the next generation or hold onto to them in the event you move to a bigger home.

Self storage provides you with alternatives when your home begins to feel a little cramped and it is time to make some changes. But, you don’t need to say goodbye to that treasured bookcase forever. With self storage you are always free to change your mind whenever the urge to reorganize your home arises.

These tips are from the self storage experts at www.nextdoorselfstorage.com.

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2 Responses to “Why self storage is important for home organization”

  1. Nice post! not just about renting storage units, but it shows that the storage can be used with other needs and organize your stuff.

    Thanks for the post
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  2. Chris King says:

    I can confirm that using self storage really comes in handy when you want to refurbish your home, or when moving, especially since you can rent a place for only a week and are not bound to use it for a year.
    It really spares you a lot of hassle, even when you want to paint a room or just exchange a few things.

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