Why might I need a professional declutterer?

Do I need a professional declutterer to help me?

Why get in professional help when you declutter? Well, they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Professional declutterers can offer another way of looking at things, someone to listen to you and an extra pair of hands.

They can help rationally organise space and possessions, guide you through the difficult decision-making and provide much needed encouragement.

What services do professional declutterers provide?

Professional declutterers and organisers offer a wide range of services, from straightforward decluttering and organising, to arranging home moves, sourcing storage solutions, and cataloguing and archiving. Some even offer home-sitting, shopping, and secretarial and concierge services.

Declutterers may have skills such as IT or bookkeeping, or paperwork-organising. If you need help in specialist areas, ask them what they can offer.

What will the professional declutterer do during a session?

Professional declutters will usually start off by asking you questions about your clutter and what you think the problem is. They will help you think about what may be the root of the problem, what exactly you want sorted, and what you hope to achieve in the end.

When it comes to actually decluttering, the professional will work with you as you decide what you want to do with things. If they have a good idea of your priorities, they may sometimes sort items into piles for you and then check what you want them to do with each one.

Sometimes they will do things like archiving or filing while you are busy elsewhere, but only when you’ve agreed how this should be done.

What will a professional declutterer not do?

You should check what declutterers are prepared to do. For instance, they’re unlikely to lift very heavy items. But they may be happy to do some cleaning as they go along.

How long will it take?

How much time you need clearly depends on the task. It may take a one-off 3-hour session or a series of sessions. Or you may need some sessions followed by some phone consultations.

Professional declutterers may be able to give an estimate of the time, but remember it will actually depend on things like how long you take to make decisions. It may be worth checking with them first what they will charge if it takes less time than expected.

How much will it cost?

How much it costs depends on what type of task it is, the region of the country you live in, and the volume of clutter to tackle. In general, prices range from £25 to £60 an hour, often with discounts for longer projects. If a company doesn’t advertise the service you need, always ask as they may be able to accommodate you or suggest someone else to help. 

Check whether the fee includes travel or follow-up advice.

How do I find a declutterer?

You can go to the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers website www.apdo-uk.co.uk to search for declutterers in your area. Members of the association sign up to a code of ethics.

Once you have found some companies in your area, look at their websites or brochures to see what background, experience or special skills they have. Read their terms and conditions to see what the business can and cannot help you with.