Tackle your clutter in National Declutter Week 7 to 18 March 2012


18 November 2011

Tackle your clutter in National Declutter Week 7 to 18 March 2012

We all love our “stuff”, but too much of it becomes “utter clutter”. While some of us part relatively easily with unwanted goods, others are finding it really hard to let go of things we no longer need or use.

According to Rachel Papworth, from Green and Tidy, the top seven reasons why people hold on to things are:

  1. Sentimental
    “But it belonged to my Grandmother.”
  2. The hope that things will be different “someday”
    “If I could just lose half a stone, I’d wear that dress again.”
  3. Guilt about getting rid of unwanted gifts
    “What if Auntie Joan notices that vase isn’t on display?”
  4. Fear of making the wrong decision
    “What if I regret it?”
  5. Fear of not having enough
    “What if I need it in the future?”
  6. Eco-guilt
    “What a waste!”
  7. An idea that things might be valuable after all
    “What if it’s worth something?”


To help people assess their own level of clutter and its effects on their wellbeing, relationships and wallet, Storage.co.uk will be running National Declutter Week from 7 to 18 March 2012. The campaign will encourage individuals, families and businesses to take a serious look at their “stuff” and assess how they can gain mental, emotional and physical benefits by joining in with National Declutter Week 2012.

With competitions, expert advice and information on how to go about clearing the mountain of stuff that may be building up in your home or office, National Declutter Week is the perfect opportunity for you to get organised.

Rachel Papworth explains: “People benefit in so many ways from decluttering and organising. It saves us time and money, clears out mental and emotional clutter, protects our health, simplifies our life and creates peace of mind. When our home works, our life works. It is also good for the environment and can help charities raise much needed funds.”

To find more about National Declutter Week 2012 and how you could become involved, please visit: www.storage.co.uk.

Notes to editors


  • Storage.co.uk is an information and directory business which helps people find the best storage solution for their personal and business needs. Their website www.storage.co.uk provides practical and cost effective advice on storage solutions. Through Get a Quote, customers can access local storage company contacts from a national database.
  • Green and Tidy (www.mygreenandtidylife.co.uk) helps people who have way too much stuff, to declutter and create homes they love support them to live the lives they want. Its founder, Rachel Papworth, has developed an innovative approach which means that you can get help and support wherever you are in the world. Through distance-learning programmes and telephone/Skype coaching, Rachel trains the chronically cluttered to develop new habits, attitudes and practices that have them declutter and stay decluttered forever.

Fact file: Did you know?

  • Nearly 12,000 people attend hospital each year after tripping at home over toy boxes, construction toys and other toys. And over 400 people attend hospital after tripping over piles of washing. (Source: DTI Home and Leisure Accident Surveillance System)

  • In a house fire, it takes just 2 to 3 breaths of toxic smoke to knock you unconscious – there is no time to climb over piles of junk. (Source: directgov.uk)

  • It costs local councils £54 million a year to clear up illegally dumped waste and half of all fly-tips are on the streets. Nearly two thirds of fly tips are household rubbish. (Source: Environment Agency www.environment-agency.gov.uk)

  • Of the 10 million items of furniture thrown away in the UK every year, 3 million could be easily re-used and more could be repaired. (Source: Furniture Re-use Network (FRN),

  • Charities raise £120m a year by selling goods donated to charity shops. (Source: Association of Charity Shops www.charityshops.org.uk)

  • Hoarding is to be recognised as a mental health disorder in its own right (Source: proposed revisions to the standard classification of mental disorders ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)’ on www.dsm5.org)


Media enquiries

To arrange an interview or find out how you could be involved with National Declutter Week, please call Patricia Ockenden at Storage.co.uk.
patricia@storage.co.uk or 0794 136 9810