Here's One I Packed Earlier


Josef Pitura-Riley has made a series of films to help people avoid pitfalls in using self storage.  His comic films have a Charlie Chaplin-like quality and  make it obvious why one shouldn't overload boxes, why explosives shouldn't be stored and how to find a surfboard in a storage unit. 

The films are all available through but are hosted on youtube.

Says Pitura-Riley, ‘ We usually upload films to the web in as high a quality as possible, but in this case we actually degraded the footage in After Effects to give it a sepia projected film look that is typical of this style of film.

The performances from Michael Carolan and David Riley, were entirely improvised and the films were made with very few cuts. As there is no sound on the films, Joe was able to shout out suggestions to his cast from behind the camera.

Pitura-Riley is a promising young British filmmaker who has recently produced "Being A Superhero" and a series of films promoting the conservation and enjoyment of British Woodlands. 

He says, "Working on these films has been a really entertaining process. The last film I worked on was full of special effects with houses exploding and little holograms all over the place so it was nice to take a step backwards and be able to do a series of films that relied on the actor’s performance. It has been interesting to revisit some of Chaplin's films and use some of his techniques to create films in the same style.

Hopefully these films will not only provide an interesting source of information for anyone wanting to pack a storage container the correct way, but will also be entertaining for anyone who watches them. If you'd like to see any of our other productions that we have produced or are currently working on then you can find us at:”

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