Average self storage centre is 74% occupied, according to UK survey

The average UK self storage centre is 74% occupied, according to respondents to an email survey conducted by comparison website Storage.co.uk.

This finding shows the UK self storage market remains in a strong position at the beginning of 2011, as the survey was conducted in January, traditionally the seasonal low-point for self storage occupancy. It also comes at a time when the UK economy as a whole remains mired in recession, having contracted by 0.5% in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The future looks positive too, as a number of respondents indicated 2010 was their first year of trading. Average occupancy should grow over the coming years as a store typically fills up during its second and third years of operation.

This was the UK's most comprehensive survey of self storage companies because every single storage centre in the country was invited to participate.

Storage.co.uk is an independent advice website for people interested in renting self storage space. It provides a storage finder, how-to guide, videos and blogs covering all aspects of renting storage space. 

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