Nearly 70% of UK self storage companies plan to maintain current prices in 2011

69% of UK self storage companies aren't planning to raise their current prices during 2011, according to respondents of the survey.

Every single self storage centre in the UK was asked if it planned to increase its prices in 2011 via an email survey, with only 31% of respondents saying they did.

This finding indicates that most self storage companies see 2011 as a year in which holding on to existing customers will be more important than making the most possible money from them, given the economy and housing market are both predicted to remain sluggish.

This is the most comprehensive survey of self storage in the UK, as it is the only one to contact every single self storage company.

In responding to the same question, several firms also said they would be unintentionally increasing prices by passing on the higher rate of Value-Added Tax. This should only affect companies leasing outdoor, containerised self storage units, as indoor ones are usually VAT exempt. The standard rate of VAT rose from 17.5% to 20% on the 4th January. is an independent advice website for people interested in renting self storage space. It provides a storage finder, how-to guide, videos and blogs covering all aspects of renting storage space.

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