Self Storage Tips for Small Businesses

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Self Storage Tips for Small Businesses

ESE Direct, “The Experts in Products for Business”, share some good advice about how a whole range of small businesses can make the most self storage.

Business Self Storage on the Rise

The Self Storage Association UK produced a survey last month detailing some interesting results. Apparently the country’s self storage units are roughly 68% full with the average occupancy lasting some 41 weeks. One of the most interesting stats is that commercial usage has risen dramatically, with around 42% of occupied units currently taken up by businesses, reflecting a 36% rise on the figures for 2010. If you’re running a small business, how could self storage benefit you?

Rank And File

All businesses are required to keep invoices and documentation in case of future HMRC audits for at least seven years. If you’re running a small retail business or are involved with the importation and exportation of goods, then the chances are that these critical materials could well be clogging up your office. You can free up a considerable area of working space with self storage for all your paperwork. Here you don’t have to rely on traditional filing cabinets either and can use airtight boxes in which to seal your forms and receipts, protecting them for when you’ll need them most.

Extensions and Renovations

According to the 19th Annual Home-Ownership Poll from RBC around 66% of people want to improve the looks of their property, with 45% believing that they could increase its value by making some important upgrades. This is good news for you if you’re a small building company; however, as many people prefer to have work conducted on their property in the warmer months, an increase in business could leave you needing somewhere to store your heavy equipment and machinery in the winter. Self storage is a sensible option here, as you can pay for space as you need it and it will help keep your valuable tools safe and dry.

Music For My Ears

One of the areas of growth in recent years has been festival culture. A report published on popular culture website The Festival Awards shows that there was a record number of these events taking place in 2012. Off the back of this boom many pubs and clubs are putting on small music events, often hiring equipment from local sound-systems, which can be quite large and bulky. If you’re running this kind of business then self storage could be extremely helpful, especially if you can find a unit that’s located in an urban centre near many of your clients.

Travel Back In Time

Running an antique dealership might mean that you frequently require a temporary home for some of your bigger purchases. Although items may have a considerable amount of value, you’ll often need to find the right buyer to realise your profit. Self storage is ideal for your business as it allows you to take on extra space as and when you need it, and if you choose the right facility that comes with a high level of security, then you can make sure that your expensive items don’t fall into the wrong hands. This is a great alternative to using an old farm barn.

Top-Rated Seller

In 2011, 159 eBay sellers racked up more than £1million in sales with 10% of these generating more than £3million. This represents a 25% increase on the 2010 figures as more and more people turn to eBay as a cheap and viable alternative to the high street. When you run an eBay business the chances are your stock levels could be subject to extreme fluctuations as you purchase large quantities of items that are at a good price and then slowly put them out to auction on the site in order to preserve a good selling price. Self storage allows you to cope with the demand elasticity of your chosen sector, and you can even buy special equipment to fit into your unit, such as easy-fit shelving that can be put up and taken down in minutes as you need it.

Future Flexibility

If you’re turning away from big business and the corporate life-style then self storage can offer you the chance to grow your enterprise without having to shell out on a property purchase or having to commit to a long term rental agreement. It’s no wonder that so many small ventures are now looking towards the 1,200 facilities around the UK as a great alternative to the traditional forms of commercial storage.

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2 Responses to “Self Storage Tips for Small Businesses”

  1. Laura R says:

    I persuaded my Dad to get some storage as he has hoarding tendencies and it was getting out of hand. So glad I did! It was like a weight was lifted off the family. It sounds like a minor thing but it really relieved tensions between us.

  2. Rebecca says:

    a great article and I agree that it makes commercial sense to use your own storage if you have the space.

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