Joining In

How can I join in?

    * Get your business or organisation lined up for some serious decluttering.
    * Organise a decluttering event that involves your school, club, business or association.

Supporting National Declutter Week

If you run an organisation or business or that could help people to declutter — and could benefit from decluttering — you could promote activities for National Declutter Week. This could include:

    * Charities running charity shops
    * Recycling organisations
    * Organisers of car boot sales
    * Waste companies (e.g. skip hire)
    * Local authorities (promoting recycling services)
    * Safety organisations (e.g. fire services)

Why declutter?

Decluttering will help you:

    * Think straight – you can see what you need to do, you can find things when you need to.
    * Keep your environment safe – clutter in hallways and on stairs is dangerous. You can trip. It can cause fires and then prevent you from escaping them.
    * Make your environment healthier – clutter makes a great home for all those nasty pests like mice, ants and dust mites.
    * Make your office look professional.

How do I declutter?

See our guide to getting started.

What do I do with my clutter?

    * Throw it away.
    * Recycle it – your clutter may be just what someone else needs. Take it to your local recycling centre, or sign up to Freecyle or Freegle.
    * Make some money out of it – you can sell things at car boot sales or on eBay.
    * Help a good cause – give it to a charity, or a local school.
    * If you need to keep it, put it into storage – use our 'Find Self Storage' tool to find your nearest storage facilities.

How can National Declutter Week help my organisation?

Maybe your organisation desperately needs to do some clearing up. Why not use National Declutter Week as an excuse to hold an event or start a project?

Or use National Declutter Week to promote your service – disposal experts, charity shop etc.

Can I get help?

For help, you can enlist the services of a professional declutterer. Go to to find your nearest declutterer.