Reasons for decluttering

Decluttering is…

… Good for You

Mountains of clutter in the home are NOT good for you: they reduce the extent to which you can enjoy and take pride in where you live, and make everyone feel more stressed by living in closer proximity to one another.

Decluttering your office is also good for you: falls and trips at work cost the British economy £800 million and cause 10,000 serious injuries each year, many of which could be prevented if people tidy up their workplaces.

… Good for your Kids

Looking for a way to get your children away from the TV over October half term? Get them to go through the attic with you, or clean out the garden shed together. Then they can accompany you to the car boot sale or charity shop and you can make a day of it. Moving boxes and going through old things are all good forms of exercise for both mind and body – for you as well as your kids.

… Good for your Marriage

Many partners spend hours arguing about who owns – or wants to keep – what in their overfilled house, and whose turn it is to give up their free time going through it all. It seems to be the case that lots of relationships contain both a hoarder and a disposer. Decluttering as a family can help bring you both closer together.

… Good for your Home

Anyone trying to sell their house at the moment needs all the help they can get. This makes decluttering especially important, so that when a potential buyer inspects it they aren’t distracted by all the current mess that’s hanging around. It helps the potential buyer to visualize themselves living in the home once the current family have moved out, making them more likely to buy, and the house itself more sellable.

… Good for the Environment

The more people declutter and dispose of things responsibly, the better it is for the environment. If more objects are resold through charity shops and car boot sales, or simply recycled, it reduces the need for new resources to make more goods. It also improves the human environment in people’s homes and offices if they are cluttered by fewer items.