How can self storage help you declutter?

If you want to declutter your house, and end up putting all your clutter into self storage, isn’t that just displacing the problem?

Well, yes and no.

Using self storage is not always a cop-out for declutterers.

Don’t store rubbish

Self storage offers you the possibility to get stuff out of your house without getting rid of it.

It’s a good solution for items that you want to hang on to, but don’t currently need or have space for — a piece of inherited furniture, perhaps, awaiting the day when you move into a bigger home; or seasonal sports equipment, such as skis, or that kayak occupying space in the garage.

If you really don’t want to part with these things, then self storage could be the answer.

But it costs — somewhere between £15 and £25 a square foot per annum. If you rent 100 square feet of storage space, that could cost you £2500 a year.

So, if you are putting stuff into self storage, make sure you really, really want to keep it. Don’t store anything that you should actually just throw away.

Self storage: how do I do it?

The website has all you need to know about how to find and use a self storage unit to suit you.

First of all, to find a self storage company near you, and compare prices, use the “Find Self Storage Near You” tool at

Self storage is a customer-dependent service industry, meaning storage facility managers should be happy to answer all your questions and help find the best storage solution for you.

For help with deciding which items should be put in storage, look at the article in this section called “How do I declutter?